Pain in the limbs and Dysautonomia!
Ease your foot problems and extend your healthy life!!!
Find a routine that dominates parasympathetic stress beyond capacity!
There are many cases where there are problems with the body and other parts!!! Let's look at various places.
Easy to understand advice using the body in the hospital, to be happy. I want to be your strongest ally.

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Wrist pain

The pain in the fingers and hands were covered in the NHK choice of 4/21.
Daily permits, craft hobbies, golf or can no longer continue
Restrictions will be coming out.
I was hurt not overdo it, keeping the rest as a good supporter
It was recovered. In addition, cases of surgery was introduced.

But before they impact in other parts of the body as much as possible, to ease the pain in the fingers and hands
It is very important.

If the patients take on one floor and have sore wrists and not put on weight
By modifying the direction of the thumb and wrist pain that is more common.

Trick is that we have to spread the hand shape.

Then make taped ball with thumb and effects can be expected more.