Pain in the limbs and Dysautonomia!
Ease your foot problems and extend your healthy life!!!
Find a routine that dominates parasympathetic stress beyond capacity!
There are many cases where there are problems with the body and other parts!!! Let's look at various places.
Easy to understand advice using the body in the hospital, to be happy. I want to be your strongest ally.

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Takarazuka hospital:0797-87-0557



New Year's Holiday Notice We will continue to work on treatment every day to help everyone in 2018. The year-end and New Year holidays are from December 31 to January 4. Treatment in 2018 will begin on January 5. Kaiseido Osteomatoin and Chir sciences (Nishinomiya-in, Takarazuka-in) Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.