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2017November this year

Step forward to PPK operation no.2

"Effortlessly Pimpin'" is the ideal pick up towards the end? No.2 PPK is Pimpin effortlessly. PPK condition four wrote little about one of moderate exercise. This is the continuation. I wrote about that last time to exercise at Nico Nico douga. It had to do with the pace and focus on your heart rate, no wonder. Then let's go from the exertion. QuickTime in 8000 steps one day 20 minutes or more, moderate exercise, prevention of most diseases have been found. This is the results of the research group, Tokyo metropolitan health longevity Medical Center Research Institute. Yukitoshi Aoyagi teacher's collection of easy-to-understand article comes from Yakult, so try to help. Tokyo Meguro River riparian Gotanda river terrace on the other side trip when very at home here. Trotter locomotive syndrome strong physical health key is day 20 minute QuickTime tilt 1, 8000 steps! It is surveyed more than 5,000 people for 10 years. It is a law of motion derived from here. Set 1 METs and calories at rest without any moderate intensity activity is 3 x-5 x, i.e. 3-5 METs is. Quick take on this. Is that you don't need a special exercise. It can be if it is not? How about this?    Pedometer Tokyo Meguro River riparian Osaki near disease prevention activity time and steps in strength activities hours / 1 day longer than 5 minutes / 4000 step... depression prevention 7.5 minute over / 5000 steps... dementia, heart disease, stroke prevention 15-over / 7,000... cancer and osteoporosis prevention More than 20 minutes and 8000 steps... than the prevention of excessive exercise on hypertension, diabetes, so much in good health most efficient is. Tokyo Meguro river shores of Gotanda Station, for more information, please click here. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

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Step:NO.1 to the PPK

"Effortlessly Pimpin'" is the ideal pick up towards the end? PPK is Pimpin effortlessly, but pick up towards the end no matter what, it's happy for people? I think PPK for a four. One is that moderate exercise. For example, in Nico Nico douga pace might be nice? To measure heart rate. Is calculated (run immediately after heart rate for 15 seconds) x is 4 10. Please try to help. Age 20-somethings are 130 30-somethings 125 40s are 120 50s 115 is 60 110 Note: fit the shape of your own, don't miss! At Hakata, jogging or walking in as well is the Al Park. Cherry blossoms are beautiful in the spring. Mountain Al Park jogging course is 500 m and the 1000 m course. An indication of the exercise at the start is displayed. This is Nico Nico douga pace. Calculation formula: (running after 15 seconds pulse rate) × 4 10 is. In the strength of another's heart, let's not overdo it. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

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