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Find a routine that dominates parasympathetic stress beyond capacity!
There are many cases where there are problems with the body and other parts!!! Let's look at various places.
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And Dysautonomia

About Dysautonomia

Diagnosis and hospital tests not abnormalWatch out!

Cause saying in a nutshell is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system.
In the autonomic nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.
Sympathetic nerves brain and body work in the parasympathetic nerve is the nerve body to rest and recover.
Sympathetic working during the day, becomes easier to brain and body work, night work parasympathetic, sleepy and stopped the activity.
Suspected fatigue in the morning is the parasympathetic nerves while sleeping at night let recover tired.
(Uncoordinated morning fatigue persists longer than 2 weeks, autonomic ataxia may be)
Balance and antagonistic relationship that the sympathetic nervous system does not work when the parasympathetic, parasympathetic nerves will work when the autonomic nervous system, sympathetic nervous system works.
The unbalanced work this sympathetic and parasympathetic, autonomic ataxia. Directions to tip the balance is of Dysautonomia characterized excited the sympathetic nervous system, which tends to work.
Therefore, mentally parasympathetic, heart palpitations or insomnia, the falling appetite.
Also, autonomic ataxia trends affected the endocrine system disorders and adolescent menopause period is likely.
Statistically women are susceptible to the Dysautonomia, so caution is required.
It is dealing with female sex hormones on Dysautonomia.
Female hormones is controlled by the hypothalamus of the brain.
It is a fact in this hypothalamic controls together is the function of the autonomic nervous system.
So will upset the balance is partly distorted female hormone balance and autonomic nervous system.

Broadly in the autonomic nervous system symptoms of schizophrenia, and bodily symptoms and heart symptoms.

(1) the Dysautonomia body symptoms

Symptoms of Dysautonomia body extends to the whole body.
It is to impair the functions of the body becomes unbalanced because the autonomic nervous system that control organ of the body, and various symptoms appear throughout the body.

The degree of symptoms is different by people.
Even the same person, the symptoms may abnormally, the. As a result, "imagination" and overlook tends to be.
Because there are no damage at the hospital tests, a doctor lightly seen tends to be.

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(2) with autonomic dysfunction of cardiac symptoms

Symptoms of autonomic imbalance of mind, wide range.
Because these symptoms in some people by various somatic symptoms with the same people day by day symptoms are bad, that sometimes seems the "imagination".
Keep in mind that because there are no abnormal symptoms of Dysautonomia heart hospitals by inspection that is required.

4Of a type of autonomic imbalance is divided into

Dysautonomia in four different types.
Knowing this, easy to set up measures.

Type 1Autonomic ataxia with essential hypertension

Causes since childhood, have their own Constitution.
The Constitution regulates the autonomic nervous functions falls into disorder easily can be said.

Often lacks confidence in the strength in this type frail people or low blood pressure.
Found particularly abnormal tests, a hospital in the stress of daily life almost doesn't matter.

Therefore, the Constitution itself causes.
A good review in order to improve the structure, lifestyle, such as diet, sleep, exercise and rest.

Type 2Neuropathy-autonomic ataxia

Effects of psychological stress on strong type is.
Very sensitive to their own health changes in a bit of mental stress, but would change shape.
Sensitivity is irritable, sensitive to the State of mind is.
Emotional body appears as a symptom.

Type 3Psychosomatic diseases-autonomic ataxia

Cause is the stress of daily life. Symptoms will appear in both mind and body.
Autonomic imbalance among the most common are this type.
Punctual, hardworking, and is prone to serious people.

Type 4Depression-Dysautonomia

Psychosomatic diseases-autonomic ataxia and progresses and becomes more serious.
Sinking feeling dull, I didn't feel like "depression" is seen.

Reduction body, no headache, low-grade fever, tiredness, appetite, insomnia and other symptoms.
Fewer people may not be only symptomatic treatment to the physical symptoms mental depression also are behind your symptoms, but a doctor at the hospital, suffering from long time unpleasant symptoms.
It is prone to perfectionism, methodical man.