Pain in the limbs and Dysautonomia!
Ease your foot problems and extend your healthy life!!!
Find a routine that dominates parasympathetic stress beyond capacity!
There are many cases where there are problems with the body and other parts!!! Let's look at various places.
Easy to understand advice using the body in the hospital, to be happy. I want to be your strongest ally.

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Research Institute for Health Sciences

Research Institute for Health Sciences

Health-natural causes death"Before dying to!

Talk about absorbing a physical ailment mechanisms I. Fittingly, the instability of the foot are due.
The imbalance of the body takes a balance with the head. To move the center of gravity axis, pulled back, bend the spine.
This nerve is pressed, and pulled. This condition persists and learns by experience upset in mind and body.

And the distortion of the face occurs as a result of the imbalance of the body.
Distortion makes wrinkles and sagging. To eliminate wrinkles, sags, and improves a physical ailment.
To eliminate distortion of the body. Stabilizing feet and eliminate the imbalance of the body, the center of gravity axis.

The Institute of Health Sciences has devised a way to prepare the body that you can do on your own.
And set the various themes the Institute, made the menu. I want to approach women and men are like.
Just right to improve posture and stabilizes the mind.
For example, walking is unbalanced, over the meat man in the legs and buttocks. Nature takes care will change the way you walk part of meat.
It is also a time during the natural cycle "winter" body slim easier to be. If you really want to lose weight, the challenge this time is enabled.
Health promotion can be taken up in the menu of our secrets are hidden.
Take advantage and hand, for happiness. Awaits you.

Health Science Research Center menu

01Takaraduka walk program

Small classes and one-on-one training!

Just improve the ailing right walks!
Every day is fun, the quality
Stress makes 負kenaku
Attention becomes easier to span, work, sports, learning becomes fun.
Better body pain and disorders
Improved style and rejuvenated

02Cure yourself-ingrown nails prevent physical techniques

Why not? Low back pain will heal!
Why not? The shoulder heals
Why not? Health is getting better.
In the correct centre of gravity lower back pain, shoulder prevention!
Ingrown toenail prevention body usage

Physical techniques program

Sit, stand, walk for physical techniques(1)・(2)・(3)
Physical techniques to the correct centre of gravity position
How to use toe cure ingrown toenails

03Cure yourself taping courses

Go out to play and work motivation there, to feel good in body building
Abnormalities of the soles of the feet seen women approximately 80% men and elementary and junior high students in about 60% of the "outside valgus" "floating finger" and "flat feet"?
Always the difference between healthy people and is always wrong with people man was mounting "feet"!
Outside of abnormal floating fingers and flat feet, valgus foot and body pain and upset
Practice! University of Tsukuba expression can be taken up and feet soles balance taping method
Manic finger method to eliminate the "bent finger"
Ingrown toenail prevention body usage

Physical techniques program

Sit, stand, walk for physical techniques(1)・(2)・(3)
Physical techniques to the correct centre of gravity position
It is cured by the sole balance taping method and the toe method.

04Cure yourself with nail courses

Installation of orthodontic nail super elastic wire you can do yourself

This method is a method developed in Japan.
It is in vol nail straightening method was developed in the world, currently the most effective way.

05Settling face beauty cure yourself(Lift-up Department)

Every day is fun, the quality
Pull out your power and will give the impression
Have confidence in your good interpersonal relationships, draw happy
Blow away stress


06Shoe Department for mind and body

Choose shoes that will be available for purchase!
Balance your body's self control!
To eliminate wrinkles and sagging, and rejuvenated!


07Department of health, posture and mental

Just change the way you walk, improving the style!
Control of the use of body and health!
To eliminate wrinkles, sagging and clean!


08Tenshin-health law

It is a therapy Tenshin-health law and distortion of the spine straightens at Ki.
Treatment by okakura energy may think qigong is Hsin an expression comes from Palm.
Tenshin style known as Tenshin healing master teacher at the zenith energy emitted from the palms, "to be straight! "And are working, order distortion of the spine.
This energy source is energy healing based on the "universe".

Tenshin health system, the spine is conducive to good health and believed.
Know that you have 9 important points lead in the spine and nerves of the body, such as the cervical spine, thoracic spine, sacrum and coccyx.
Pulled nerves and bends the spine by the distortions, accompanied by pain, symptoms can occur.
Find a curved spine point from where is the harm?.
Tenshin healed by the treatment based on it. Straightening the spine and can be expected to a variety of diseases such as stiff neck and back pain, visceral and Gynecologic diseases.
It's where people gather by word of mouth, because did not fall, we said "I was fooled and go see."?
Try to feel this strange power, again!

09Nordic walking seminars

It is a total body workout with the active pole of.
By Paul lower body movements like running costly in the upper body, can work more efficient.
Scrape the body tone by walking.

You can increase the strength, but can be easily. Base is very important.
However, Paul, just walking is not.
Will lead to strain the body by proper use of health or improving sports skills.

10Various lectures, etc

And our Institute we received the lectures of the above programs, courses and seminars, practitioner.
Please contact us.

School, community and corporate programs, seminars, practitioner of guestrooms.
Please contact us.

About fees
* All prices are plus tax.

(1) takaraduka walk program(3Course)
Small classes, students can take from a person. One-on-one training is!
(2) cure it yourself-wrap nails prevent physical techniques
(3) Department of taping self help book
Not improve the valgus and floating finger!
(4) wound cure it yourself nails course
(5) in their finishing facial beauty cure
(6) shoe Department for mind and body
(7) Department of health, posture and mental
(8) Tenshin-health law
1Cool six times in the Guide!
(9) Nordic walking seminars
(10) various seminar and treatment Association
* Upon request, school etc. Please consult us if you have any budget.

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