Pain in the limbs and Dysautonomia!
Ease your foot problems and extend your healthy life!!!
Find a routine that dominates parasympathetic stress beyond capacity!
There are many cases where there are problems with the body and other parts!!! Let's look at various places.
Easy to understand advice using the body in the hospital, to be happy. I want to be your strongest ally.

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Spica story

Spica story

Spica was developed as a beauty serum for commercial use and not to be sold.
It is a product for beauty salons, beauty salons and treatment clinics.
In particular, teachers with high technical skills tend to have a sticky mouth.
The teacher made it with gamba to make cosmetics that are trusted by customers.
Experience the high quality of Spica.

Well, the doctors at beauty salons, beauty salons and treatment clinics are experts in the face and body.
Spica is best utilized in collaboration with Spica and technology to shape the face and body.

At the Institute of Health Sciences, we offer "Precious Face Care," a facial surgery and beauty program for face specialists, and "Precious Face Care Self" ~ how to eliminate wrinkles and sagging that customers can learn by themselves.
I would like you to produce results through Spica's collaboration with the teachers of the shops you attend.

Spica Products
* All prices are plus tax.

About Spica Ingredients

We want our customers and the doctors of salons, beauty salons, and treatment clinics to be pleased, so we have blended a lot of beauty ingredients.
It is a strong desire to meet expectations with ingredients.
It is about 40 kinds of ingredients and 26 functions selected safely and securely.

~Explanation of ingredients~

Recommended ways to use

The range to be applied is from the face to the neck(Front and back), up to the collarbone and shoulder opening.
Spica(Regular ・150g)One push is a guide.
Please use it in the morning and at night. It's basic.

If you have dry skin, please apply a little more.
Or paint twice.
If you have oily skin, adjust it slightly.
The T zone might be a bit less, but better.

The condition of your skin is different for each person.
It changes depending on various factors such as season, diet, sleep status, etc.
If you are a little unsatisfied, as a special care, please add your serum or cream and take measures for your care.

Spica has a high quality and high blend of ingredients.
Therefore, at the beginning of use, your skin may be surprised and react.
When your skin is surprised, please rest until your skin returns to normal, and smooth your skin little by little.
If it does not agree with your skin, please stop using.

If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Voice of the customer
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